PURE HATE – We’ve got the right to remain silent, but… 7″ (Yellow Records 001) ’85

Great & fast dutch HC from 1985 on YELLOW RECORDS. Check pictures for sleeve and you’ll understand easily if it’s for you or not, ha,ha,ha…

Glory to the brave
Fire place middle east
Is it an art
En garde
Pure hate
Don’t hurt me

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11 thoughts on “PURE HATE

  1. i got one of those. matt average was selling them from the sadly missed “some strange music” distro. i actually got 2 accidentally and gave one away. this is awesome stuff.

  2. so no one has anything new to add here? just gonna keep reposting the old ones? id add some of my stuff but since ive seen some of them on other sites already id rather not go through all the trouble

  3. why not posting here as well is not bad at all, only if you “stole” it from some other webpage … as long as you rip it from the record on you own it’s okay I guess

  4. The line “look in my heart to see the pain, look in my brain to see the hate… it’s pure” is jacked DIRECTLY from Poison Idea’s song “Pure Hate” which came out on the infamous “Pick Your King” two years earlier in the U.S. The EP is great but that is some shameless plagiarism.

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