Chaos Ch

Just Say No front

Chaos Ch- Just Say No! (Overthrow Records) 1995

Chaos Ch., also known as Chaos Channel, formed in the early 90’s in Nagoya Japan. So far, Chaos Ch has released a split demo with Addiction, a track on the Damn the Control comp and, including this 7″, two eps. The “Serve Your Right” ep is their first 7″ and this is their second. I think they also released a live demo called “Noise Hero”. In 1997 the band split up, but recently in 2005 they got back together. It sounds like they are releasing an lp called “How you’d never been so high, (but then, you’d never needed to be?)”, at least according to their myspace, and a split (I think its with Dead Noise). The only other information I have is that there is a pre-Chaos Ch band called the Donkeys, although i don’t know what they sound like…i think they only put out one demo.

Here is their myspace: Myspace
and a live video of them: youtube

Just say no live
ABC i love punk
Destroy freedom n chaos
Shit society good for rubbish box
Boycott the suck history

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