FORETHOUGHT – Dejenlos Cruzar… EP (Self Released) 1986

The instrumental work on this EP, which sounds the work of an undisciplined MINUTEMEN, tends to lack focus and drive. While “Sunburn” sustains energy, the other four tunes use more complex, “funk” guitar figures that left me unexcited. (Steve Spinall)

All I know about this band is they came out of San Fran in ’86, Tommy sent me this single for a review in a fanzine.
Last track on my copy has a big gouge in the vinyl so it wont appear here.

Dont Needle Me
Whats Makes The Machine Keeping Running
Spreading Words
Sun Burn
Let Them Come Across

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Burn – s/t 7“ (Revelation Records #22 / 4 tracks) 1990

Formed by Gavin Van Vlack (Side By Side, Absolution and later Die 116 and Pry), Alan Cage (Beyond and later Quicksand), Alex Napack (Pressure Release) and Chaka Harris (later Orange 9mm), Burn set out to create something new and more interesting than the preexisting sound of late 80’s New York Hardcore.

Burn released their self-titled debut on Revelation Records in 1990 which today still stands as one of the most innovative, powerful hardcore records. Burn is like a forefather, serving as the inspiration to many bands to follow both in and outside of hardcore.

…Shall Be Judged
Out Of Time

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**A hardcore CLASSIC for the 90’s generation and all is it gets is 3 comments? Very sad, come on people if you dl a few tracks throw us some feedback. We are as strong as our readers, so please share your opinion.