Ed Davis Band

Ed Davis Band – Keith Richard’s Dead/Asshole (Mike Enright 1978)

The Ed Davis Band was the first punk band in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This record, their only release, was recorded in 1978.  I saw them at an art opening in 1979 — my only memory is that they they had a female guest vocalist that night, and that I (thankfully) bought this record from the band.  The Ed Davis Band was part of an artist community called We’re Just Like You.  The drummer, Cury Gary, was a disc jockey on WEBN at the time this record was released.  It certainly doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but in 1979 it was pretty outrageous to put a song called “Asshole” on a record, especially in Cincinnati.  Also — is “Asshole” the beginning of the Oi movement? — the band chants “Oi Oi Oi”, and this record predates the Cockey Rejects and all those UK Oi bands.  


Keith Richards Dead


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Squirrelbait / David Grubbs

Squirrelbait / David Grubbs – Motorola Cloudburst

This record came as a free gift with some fanzine, I don’t remember which.  It was released in the late 1980’s, but the recording on side one is from 1983.  Side one contains the first two songs on Squirrelbait’s great first album, which was recorded in 1983, but never released.  The line up at that time was:

Peter Searcy — Vocals
David Grubbs — Guitar
Clark Johnson — Bass
Britt Walford — Drums

I don’t know the title of the song on side two.  As you can see from looking at the label pics, the label is adorned with inside jokes, so you have no idea what it is you’re getting with this record.  I can tell you this, however: the voice (talking about Elvis, Che Guevera and revolution) is that of Phil Ochs, take from Phil’s Live at Carnegie Hall LP.

The text on the back refers to a fictitious band called Motorola Cloudburst.  More inside jokes.  Clever stuff.

Squirrelbait – Tense / Earth Shattering
David Grubbs – Untitled

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Dennis The Menace

Dennis The Menace – Dennis The Menace (006026 1980)

Dennis The Menace was a short-lived punk band in Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1979-1981.  I believe this record is from 1980, but there is no date on the record — it could be 1981.  There is no lyric sheet or information about the band with the record.  I love the cover with the band members in plastic bags set out for the trash.  The lyrics are inspired — “Working Girls — Get Me Up!”.  Locate some wrap-around sunglasses and pogo around in your mom’s living room to this underground classic.

Go Go Wah Wah
In My Reflection
Working Girls

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The Edge

The Edge – The Edge (Smear Records 1984)

Victor Garcia-Rivera was born in Cuba around the time Fidel Castro took power. His family fled Cuba in the early 1960’s and ended up settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Victor founded The Edge in the early 1980’s. The Edge was a local favorite at the Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. This is their first single, recorded in late 1983 and released in early 1984 on their own Smear Records. Later in 1984 the band relocated to Boston where they recorded a 2nd single for Throbbing Lobster records.

The Edge were highly influenced by Stiff Little Fingers, which you can tell by Victor’s wonderfully gravelly vocal execution. Newport Gestapo refers to the police in Newport, Kentucky, where the Jockey Club was located. The song refers to a police raid on a Circle Jerks gig in 1983.

Death To AOR
Leave Home
Newport Gestapo

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