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The Edge – The Edge (Smear Records 1984)

Victor Garcia-Rivera was born in Cuba around the time Fidel Castro took power. His family fled Cuba in the early 1960’s and ended up settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Victor founded The Edge in the early 1980’s. The Edge was a local favorite at the Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. This is their first single, recorded in late 1983 and released in early 1984 on their own Smear Records. Later in 1984 the band relocated to Boston where they recorded a 2nd single for Throbbing Lobster records.

The Edge were highly influenced by Stiff Little Fingers, which you can tell by Victor’s wonderfully gravelly vocal execution. Newport Gestapo refers to the police in Newport, Kentucky, where the Jockey Club was located. The song refers to a police raid on a Circle Jerks gig in 1983.

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Newport Gestapo

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7 thoughts on “The Edge

  1. Gah. I hoped beyond hope that this would be a recording of ‘The Edge’ by The Edge (a UK band of the late seventies featuring Jon Moss, later to be part of Culture Club) Foiled again.

    1. Hey there- I think I may still have that 7″ EP to which you were referring:
      by the UK band, The EDGE, circa ’78, featuring Jon Moss of Culture club/the Damned.
      Contact me if you’re interested.

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