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get the glory

Laughin’ Nose – Get the Glory (AA Records 01) 1983

This 7″ is from 1983 and was released on AA records. This was the last release (I believe) from their noisey hardcore period. After this they turned into a semi-decent pop punkish band. I do not know much information about them, but they started in 1982 and played up until the late 80s and then in 1994 they got back together and are still playing today.

Get The Glory
Death Trap
Russian Roulette
No War
how to kill

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  1. Here is some other info from

    The band formed in December 1981and came from Osaka, bass player will also play with Cobra. The record was released in November 1983. Only 1000 copies made, no insert but a poster sleeve which will be the trademark of the label for the early releases. The record is said to have sold-out in less than two days. It was repressed (or bootlegged?) with a different sleeve. All the band’s works on AA were collected in 2002 on a CD simply named “Complete AA Tracks”, it has 35 tracks.

    LINE-UP : (Vo)Charmy (G)Dreamy (G)Mango (B)Pon (D)Gottchan

    pretty crazy to think this sold 1000 copies in less than 2 days…i remember hearing about the free flexi give away too.

  2. Big thanks for this one. I’ve only heard later (late 80s) Laughin’ Nose, but I was really impressed with what I heard. I can’t wait to listen to these tracks.

    This really is a great place.

  3. I was briefly in touch with the guy who wrote reports for MRR back in the early 80s. I believe he was called Roger Armstrong and released a zine named U.N.K.O.
    We traded for quite a few records and I remember him sending me this 7″ too (which I still have).
    But it had a different cover, a color one and pretty glossy for the times (this one you have is rawer and definitely punkier).

    I remember listening to “I can’t trust a woman” with a lot of embarrassment, because it seemed to have sexist lyrics, but I liked the song and still do.

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