The Freeze

The Freeze - Tempe, Arizona 03-18-2009

This flyer is incorrect !!! This will actually be @ Stray Cats in Tempe, AZ. 03-18-2009.

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  1. stunt Says:

    Post pictures after the show if you take any, so for us that cant attend at least we can see what we missed.


  2. Doh Says:

    Oops. It is at Stray Cats, but the flyer is correct that it is on 04-18-2009 not 03-18-2009.

  3. bitchbitchbitch Says:

    Incorrect again. Yes it is at Stray Cats, no it was not on 03-18-2009. It is 04-18-2009 like the flyer says.

  4. bitchbitchbitch Says:

    It is 04-18-2009 not 03-18-2009. Oops.

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