Record Store Day April 18

I guess this means instead of sitting here on your ass downloading tunes why not go buy a record today from your favorite record store. Show support and tell them sent you.

7 Responses to “Record Store Day April 18”

  1. szm1tu Says:

    fuck you and upload some rare 80s hc for me you son of a donkey and mule.

  2. stunt Says:

    haha…son of donkey mule, nice. i appreciate your concern but shit man your breath stinks.

  3. Dan Evensen Says:

    Anybody know any good record stores in Qingdao, China? ;-)

  4. Cake Says:

    I picked up the two split Sonic Youth 7-inch singles (one with Beck doing a Youth cover of “Green Light” while the b-side is Sonic Youth covering Beck’s “Pay No Mind while the other seven inch is a split with Jay Retard. It has an unreleased Sonic Youth song entitled “No Garage.”). Both were on black vinyl, so I probably missed out on the “limited edition” colored vinyl editions! I went to Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks. Pretty cool store that reminds me of a record that I used to work at in the mid-1980’s named Another Blue Meannie Records in Woodland Hills. AH the old days….



  5. stunt Says:

    sorry never been to Qingdao, China. wish i couldve helped.

  6. stunt Says:

    ah the old says is right, those days that i could afford to buy a few records a week….ah the old days. thanks for sharing your “record store day” with us.

  7. duffers Says:

    Paying for music? What the fuck is that all about?

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