Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

*Taken from Oct. 5, 2006 post*

This has got to be one of the best singles to ever come outta canada, great skater style hardcore. Lyric sheet and flyer with the “no label” pressing. Another version in 1991 on Fango records (address covered by a sticker that says “Chikara”) that’s said to be an original as well; cover is black & white (the other one has the title printed in red ink); different back cover / labels / lyric sheet, also the last track (dying fast) is missing. Sound quality is as good as the other version’s, so I guess it’s no bootleg (or at least very well made).

tell tale heart
what’s the matter
skater’s life
no religion


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  1. Nope, the black and white cover w/o the 6th song on fango records is the 2nd press. Not sure why they deleted that last song. Mine came with a lyric sheet and sticker. I saw them live late 86-early 87 with the necros(long hair+rock=BORING!)in Detroit.Beyond possession were great live. The singer would do all kinds of contorted skate moves(without a board)while the band furiously thrashed away. Their LP on metalblade is waaaaay under appreciated, a bit more metallic but it freakin’ smokes. A funny story about this 7″:
    go to show, drink too much, watch bands play, buy record, go home, forget record in car, sleep in late with hangover, record melts to car seat in the sun, realize I’m stupid, melt record back to flat with a clothes iron & towel, trade record to unsuspecting friend for HERESY flexi, find record
    (non melted copy) years later used for $1, live happily ever after. Thanks for the memories and the great site. How about KORO-700 club 7″ next hint hint hint

  2. I saw these guys in 1985 in SLC and they were great. They opened for Gang Green, and Gang Green never made it so they played a longer show. I picked up the 6 song ep and have it in mint condition still. I was just about to sell my old punk stuff and came across this site when researching how much it might go for. Brings back great memories.

  3. The administrator would be correct. We took “Dying Fast” off the second release of Tell Tale Heart because we put it in the album. The version shown was the second 5-song release. The first contained 6. Phil

  4. since we’re on canada, someone should put up the unruled 7″ since that band is making, what seems to be, one hell of a come back.

    also, this stuff is great.

  5. yeah jsut picked up the unruled 7″ off the guitar player a while ago, unplayed.

    they did a reunion show with some people off INEPSY on new years eve

    and on august 1st they are doing a original members reunion

    there is talk of the 7inch being repressed to a 12 inch from Matt of TOTAL END RECORDS.

    the guitar player from Unruled “Wax” also was an early memeber of S.C.U.M. and now plays in a band EVIL BOYS FROM HELL.

  6. This was always one of my favorites. There
    LP is one of the best examples of “crossover”
    ever. Right up there with “Animosity” and
    the first two Accused records IMO.

  7. Edgar Allan Poe is considered an excellent example of how a short story can produce effects on the reader, and this short story is the proof. I think that this is the reason why I enjoyed reading it.
    For me Poe marks and will continue to mark the true beginning of American Literature, so I am reading another tale written by Poe. I hope that this story can be equally good as the “Tell tale heart”!

    Taipas, May of 2010

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