Rai Ko Ris – Himalayan Frostbite (BatAttack Records 2003)



Rai Ko Ris – Himalayan Frostbite (BatAttack Records 2003)

Nepal’s preeminent punk band. “Nepal??” you ask. Yep…Nepal. Land of the Himalayas, the Yeti, and some of the ass kickingest punk rock around. This is Nepal’s first full vinyl release. While the legendary Luk Haas has released some splits from Nepal on his Tian An Men 89 Records this is the first sole release. This record was released in a first pressing of 500 copies with 150 on colored vinyl.

Nepal Bandh
Jaro Maina Ayo
Safe Rebellion
On the Bus In the U.K.

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9 Responses to “Rai Ko Ris – Himalayan Frostbite (BatAttack Records 2003)”

  1. James Says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s a great record and it’s nice to see that punk is present in pretty much every country!!

  2. Ian PC Says:

    This is a really good release, love the X-Ray Spex type female vocal

  3. BatAttaK Says:

    Thanks James! I give all the credit to the internet. It has truly broken down the communication barriers and has exposed so many countries to one another.

    Track them down on facebook. They are super nice and would love hearing from you.

  4. Slush Puppy Says:

    wow those first two songs are especially rad! thanks for posting this or i probably would never hear it

  5. Marxo Grouch Says:

    Good stuff. Very inventive. I could be wrong, but I think I detect a System of a Down influence in the rhird song and maybe the fourth as well. And in case anyone thinks that’s blasphemy, bear in mind that SoaD were very influenced by hardcore. So it may be circuitous, but not blasphemous.

  6. oli Says:

    hi , i saw them in france in an anrchist festival , it was very nice

  7. David Says:

    Great stuff. Love this site so much.

  8. DarthTwitch Says:

    Heh, if you say so.

  9. Rick Terror Says:

    Also land of the Gurkhas…

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