Active-Minds – The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum [TUNE 29, REACT 8, DIY-FL-000, 1994]

ACTIVE MINDS – fantastic anarchopunk band from Scarborough, UK. Usually compared to early anarchopunk bands, but they really have their own unique style if you continue listening… still active nowadays! This flexi I got in 1996 and it remains one of my favorite 7inch records.

Where’s The Difference
Take it Back
Force Fed Superstition
Not Your Property

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Disorder – Pain Headache Depression [TF 003, 1994]

Disorder (already mentioned on 7inchpunk) was a formed in the Bristol area of the UK 1980… varying line-ups, and it seems they are still active. Last Album was published in 2005. As far as I’m concerned, one of the best punk bands ever, although never had a chance to see them live

This EP was published in 1995 (I bought it the same year) by polish label “Trujaca Fala”… printed cover was made in few different colors (always one-color-on-white background print).

6 mind-blowing tracks!

Drop The Bomb
Fist Fuck
Insane System
Systems Reject

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Cash Pussies


Cash Pussies – 99% is Shit (The Label) 1979

There appeared to be no shortage of people to hitch a ride on the Sex Pistols gravy train and in particular Sid and his death and the Cash Pussies single was no exception. However it’s not the worst by a long chalk. Unsurprisingly with Dave Goodman as producer it seems to sound remarkably like a the Sex Pistols riff and production on 99% Is Shit. Not bad female vocals from Diana Rich and a little parodying of Belsen Was A Gas in the line ‘London Town where the Jews all pray.’ The B side is weaker with a more kind of folk style vocal.-punk77

99 Is Shit
Cash Flow


Disorder – Distortion to Deafness

distortion to deafness front

Disorder – Distortion to Deafness (Disorder Records Order 2) 1981

Distortion to Deafness is the second release by this well known punk band. In this ep they started to add in their trade mark “AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHs” and added more drum rolls into the mix. You can definitely hear how much Disorder, particularly this release, influenced crasher crust bands like confuse.

More than Fights
Daily Life
You’ve got to be someone

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complete disorder front

Disorder – Complete Disorder (Disorder Records) 1981

I do not know too much about this band, but I do know that the complete disorder ep is the first release by this legendary punk band. They formed in the early 80s (1981 I think) in the Bristol area of the United Kingdom and are still going today in one form or another. I think Taf, the bassist, is the longest running member of the band. I think they put an lp out relatively recently, although I do not know if it is any good.

Todays World
Violent Crime
Complete Disorder
Insane Youth

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N split sleeveCS split sleeve

NIGHTMARE/CONCRETE SOX-Split e.p. (MCR 049) 1993

Released to coincide with a CONCRETE SOX Japanese tour, what matters most about this record is the absolutely raging NIGHTMARE tracks. Anyone that’s been around this site for any length of time knows my affinity for rampaging J-core, and NIGHTMARE are at the top of the love-fest. Existing a bit later than most of the “classic” Japanese band, these guys had the perfect mix early J-core, speed, and a touch of ….ahem -“metal”. They released a great 7″ (posted HERE), some tracks on the “Eye of the Thrash Guerilla” compilation and an lp before this record, and had a couple 7″ after. Original drummer Osamoon died in the early 90’s and they took a break for awhile. They started up again in late 90’s and have been going strong ever since, with a new 7″ released in 2006 that’s pretty damn good.

Ummmm…… the CONCRETE SOX side of the record is alright, at best. These guys were pretty boring in their later years and nothing really compares to the outta control, early recordings with John March (future HERESY singer) playing drums. Not the worst stuff I’ve heard from them, but this is a 1-sided record as far as I’m concerned. Check out the” Your turn next” lp or the track from “anglican scrape attic” compilation to hear the primo C.Sox material.

Concrete Sox – City slave
Concrete Sox – Extremely hardcore

Nightmare – Annihilation
Nightmare – Find your way
Nightmare – Tragedy

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Blitz – All Out Attack (No Future Oi 1) 1981

This has got to be one of the greatest contributions to hardcore ever made by a band out of Britian. This single was posted here before back in ’05, this time around I added better scans with a better quality rip for you all to enjoy. Turn this up and smash something!

Someone’s Gonna Die
Fight to Live
45 Revolutions

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ripcord sleeve

RIPCORD-Harvest hardcore e.p.-(Raging records-rage02) 1988

ripcord sleeve black usripcord sleeve green us
Harvest hardcore e.p. 2nd and 3rd press-(Soulforce records) 1989-90

Always thought about posting this but never did until now. I figured someone had surely beaten me me to it on one of the other awesome music blogs that mine the same punk/hardcore territory. After a quick google search, it didn’t turn up (at least I couldn’t find it posted anywhere-correct me if I’m wrong). So here it is in all it’s glory.

Ripcord were one of, if not the BEST, bands in mid 80’s U.K. thrash/ hardcore scene. Sure HERESY were faster (and later featured ripcord guitarist Steven “Baz” Ballam) , the STUPIDS were funnier and SACRILEGE were heavier, but for my money, these guys flat out left those bands in the dust. From the ramshackle early recordings of their demos, the damage is done 7″ flexi and the defiance of power LP to the precise devastation of this 7″ and the poetic justice lp, these guys were unmatched in their absolute ferocity. As witnessed by their choice of cover songs on this record, these guys were influenced by the best of Boston H.C. and it shows, especially in the later releases.

The original pressing of this came out on their own, Raging records label and was also re-pressed twice in the U.S. on Soulforce records with a bonus song (included in this post) and a slightly different cover drawing.

The main reason behind posting this record (besides it’s greatness) is to let everyone know about their new band VIOLENT ARREST. Featuring John Millier (drums), Baz Ballam (guitar) and Steve Hazzard (vocals), it’s basically 3/4 of the original ripcord reunited (although they probably wouldn’t call it a ripcord reunion) . All these guys have been active since ripcord, in such bands as CAN’T DECIDE, DUMBSTRUCK and SPITE but the new band finds them in top form. Setting their sights again on Boston and early American hardcore, the newly released 12″ flat out cooks and has been on my turntable since the day I bought it. Check out VIOLENT ARREST on their myspace page HERE.

For a complete discography and history of the band , try HERE. And thanks to the punk and hardcore record sleeves site (HERE) for the scans of the U.S. pressings of this record.

Poetic justice
Subconscious thoughts
Starvation (Siege)
Collision of vision
Can't you see
Subliminal decay
bonus song on U.S. pressing
Boiling point (SSD)

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