Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

*Taken from Oct. 5, 2006 post*

This has got to be one of the best singles to ever come outta canada, great skater style hardcore. Lyric sheet and flyer with the “no label” pressing. Another version in 1991 on Fango records (address covered by a sticker that says “Chikara”) that’s said to be an original as well; cover is black & white (the other one has the title printed in red ink); different back cover / labels / lyric sheet, also the last track (dying fast) is missing. Sound quality is as good as the other version’s, so I guess it’s no bootleg (or at least very well made).

tell tale heart
what’s the matter
skater’s life
no religion


Dub Rifles

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Dub Rifles – Notown (Self Released) 1982

Winnipeg had a good mix of bands in the early 80’s, although I do prefer the more hardcore sound, Ska is up in the top 3. Self released by the band and recorded locally. Great Canadian Ska, so if ya like the horns this ones for you. Check out this little interview of Colin here.

No Town No Country
Production of Funds
Delicate Action
Number One ( And I’m Aging In )
Reluctant Host

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DOA – The Menace Lives (Sudden Death Records) 1982

Two killer tracks for you to chew on. The vinyl is almost as thin as a flexi so pardon the shitty sound.

Rent A Riot
No God No War

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(Positively) D.O.A. – No God, No Country, No Lies EP (Alternative Tentacles UK Virus 7) 1981

Canadas own DOA with a sort of comp. of previous released material to expose the band to the overseas listener. Five of their best tracks packed into one easy to carry 7inch. If you want some more info on DOA check out Joey Shitheads record label @ Sudden Death Records, buy something while you’re there. Chuck sure got around…D.O.A. (1978–1982), Black Flag (1982), Circle Jerks (1983-1984), The Descendents (1983-1984), Danzig (1987-1994), Run-DMC (1988), The Four Horsemen (1994), Social Distortion (1995-1999).

Fucked Up Ronnie
World War 3
The Enemy
My Old Man’s A Bum
New Wave Sucks

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Here are the front and back scans for the first press…
Front 1
Back 1

…and the second press…
Front 2
Back 2

…all scans taken from this site.

Sons of Ishmael – Hayseed Hardcore (Self Released 1985)

Well, Hayseed Hardcore is a classic EP with way too many songs for a 7 inch. It follows the basic pattern for fast and fuzzed out HC so look out! Info about Sons of Ishmael can be read here.

Small Town Mentality
Break Free + Democracy
Mr. Personality
Governors Of Death
Today’s Victim – Tomorrow’s Aggressor
Social Drinker
Condemned to Live
Another Groovy Tune
Follow The Leader
Service To Your Country – End To Your Life

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Here’s the rare & great 1982 7″ by THE DISCORDS from CANADA (Montreal).
I don’t know too much from this band. This records comes without sleeve and with an insert including lyrics sheet. I like a lot this records
there’s something scheming into…

R. C. M. P.
Dead Cubans
Kill The Rich
N. D. G.

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The Spores

Spores Meat Biproduct

The Spores – Meat Biproduct 7″ EP (Criminal Records, Canada) ’84

The Spores, hailing from Vancouver existed from 1983 to 1988. Notorious for their crazy ‘over the top’ live shows e.g. Throwing animal entrails at the audience (that old favourite) and getting themselves banned from clubs. Somehow they never seem to have received much exposure outside the local scene.

Here are their two EPs. They also had an a great LP “Schizofungi” which is well worth picking up. Even if you don’t enjoy the music you gotta appreciate the amazing picture sleeve artwork!

Meat Biproduct
The Nasty Song
Five Fingers

Spores Narcs In My Pants

The Spores – Narcs In My Pants 7″ EP (Criminal Records, Canada) ’86

Narcs In My Pants
P.M. / Conspiracy In The Sky

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NEOS – “Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze” ep (Alandhiscar Records) ’82

Q: How do you qualify “angry” in an art form (i.e. punk) that is synonymous with the term? A: The 2nd ep from Victoria Canada’s NEOS, which twenty-plus-years-on still stands as one of the angriest, most explosive, and above all, fastest punk records North America has produced. Listen for yourself, necessary flaws & all (feedback fragments, false starts, etc). In addition, NEOS did THE RAMONES one better by not only giving you a punk record you could learn to play along to (yeah, good luck!), but actually including inserts with the chord & drum structures hand-written for each song! If only I had a scanner, you’d ALL be playing along right now.
Thanks again to website Kill From The Heart for the cover, who have also housed the lyrics for you. Oh, and the title? Allow NEOS to explain it themselves: “The Martian Brain Squeeze had it’s origins in Ancient Greece, credit being given to the wrestler Ephistomenes, who accidentally employed the unknown hold and broke his opponent’s head off…”

Theyll Destroy Themselves
(almost) Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song
Where Did You Go Wrong
Just Like The Rest
Look Around In Despair
Jungle Beat So It Seems
Other World
Opposition To All Violence Even If Committed In Self Defense
Die For The Cause
Ripped Off
Sexual Revolution

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