Kasvain – Onko Suomi Usattunut? (KAS 1, 1980)

Kasvain was from Helsinki (capital of Finland) and published themselves only one 7″. Every record has different sleeves, because they were handcrafted! 200 copies were pressed in 1980.

Kasvain were:

Kimmo Saaristo (voc, gtr)
Tappaja Hytönen (gtr)
Pekka Kolari (b)
Jone Järvinen (dr)

Onko Suomi Usattunut?
Ei Oo Paras Paiva Tanaan

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Neuroosi – Rock Against Seija Isonsaari / Suutarinemännän kehtolaulu 7″ (Safety, NEUROOSI-01) 1979

Neuroosi* 7″ is maybe rarest Finnish punk record there is. It isn´t usually found in record catalogues, because it isn’t “officially” released at all. Only 10 test pressing copies exist (supposedly). Only A -side of the single is their own composition, b -side is a traditional Finnish song. The band was from Suomussalmi and as usually – this is their only release. Year was 1979.

Artists this time:
Osmo Räihälä (voc)
Pasi Keränen (solo guitar)
Mikko Keränen (guitar)
Pertti Teeriniemi (bass)
Olli Löytynoja (drums)

Rock against Seija Isonsaari
Suutarinemannan Kehtolaulu

*Neuroosi is sometimes titled as Dolorex, reason unknown.

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Sa-int was formed in city of Lahti in the middle of the ’80s, in 1984 to be exact. The band made four 7″‘s as Sa-int and two LP’s after chancing it’s name to Insaint.
Sa-int means Finnish military system but here it is just a name for the band. Over the years a lot of people have been playing within the ranks, but two core members have remained from the very beginnings: the drummer, Kuju and the bassplayer, Malja – who has nowadays promoted himself to handle the vocals.

Line-up in 2007 is Malja – vocals, Kuju – drums, Ari – bass and Juha – guitar

Line-ups during these four recordings above:

First seven incher: Reuman – vocals, Mini – gtr, Malja – bass, Kuju – drums, Ese – gtr
Second seven incher: Reuman – vocals, Mini – gtr, Malja – bass, Kuju – drums
Third seven incher: Panu – vocals, Mini – gtr, Malja – bass, Kuju – drums
Fourth seven incher: Mika – gtr/vocals, Juke – gtr/vocals, Malja – bass, Kuju – drums

Bands members connections to other bands:

Malja: Lahden raivaus
Kuju: Rytke
Reuman: Manipulaatio

Sa-Int – s/t 7″ (SA Records 001, 1986)


Sa-Int – SA-INT
Sa-Int – Teen sen kaiken
Sa-Int – Pelkuri
Sa-Int – Päätä seinään
Sa-Int – Ei työllä rikastu

Sa-Int – …Sinunkin turvanasi 7″ (SA Records 002, 1987)


Sa-Int – Hämähämähäkki
Sa-Int – Sinunkin hyvinvoinnin tähden?
Sa-Int – Odotus
Sa-Int – Oot sä valmis luopumaan?
Sa-Int – Maho-song
Sa-Int – Huomenna

Valta & vastuu 7″ (SA Records 003, 1988)


Sa-Int – Vihan teatteri
Sa-Int – Kolmas maailma
Sa-Int – Viimeinen joukkohauta
Sa-Int – Valta & vastuu
Sa-Int – Piikki

Maailma ilman rajoja 7″ (SA Records 004, 1989)


Sa-Int – Maailma ilman rajoja
Sa-Int – Nimetön
Sa-Int – Vielä…
Sa-Int – Kuka maksaa
Sa-Int – Jos huominen tulee
Sa-Int – Unelma

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Lapsuuden loppu

Lapsuuden Loppu

Lapsuuden loppu – Tämän yön on tää kylä meidän 7″ (Tit Music 1980 LLS-01)

A little is known about this band. This is again bands only release, 200 copies were pressed in 1980, selfreleased.
For non-Finnish readers; Lapsuuden loppu = End of childhood, Tämän yön on tää kylä meidän = For this night is this town ours, Ruumis tiellä = Body on the road.
“Tämän yön on tää kylä meidän” was comped on Bloodstains Across Finland LP.

Taman yon on taa kyla meidan
Ruumis tiella

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And now it’s time for another (almost) forgotten treasure!

Nauta – Onko Suomi Vapaa Maa? 7″ (Majuri Records 01 AYS 1) 1979

This record is their only record ever. They have allthough songs in two compilations, one song in “3 vuotta myöhemmin” LP and two songs in “Asfalttidisco” LP, both released 1980.

Nauta were (on this record, slightly different line-up in Asfalttidisco -compilation):

Reijo Kuikka (voc, gtr)
Kai Hapuli (gtr)
Petri Alakoski (key)
Pekka Mäntylä (b)
Antti Ylöstalo (dr)

No sleeve scans yet.

Onko Suomi vapaa maa?
Ma Meen
Ala Ota Kesakissaa

250 copies were pressed back in 1979.

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Terveet Kädet

Terveet Kädet – Rock Laahausta Vastaan EP (IKBAL) 1980

You should know everything about this : the best hardcore-punk EP EVER released along with Terveet Kädet-“II”(7″EP) – if You want that one as well, just send a comment with request.
Transferred it from vinyl yestereday for a friend in the U.S.A. and thought I might share it if it hasn’t been posted already.

Minä haluan paljon rahaa
Joutukaa sielut
Vapaa pohjola

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BASTARDS – Maailma Palaa Ja Kuolee EP (Propaganda Records) 1982

This is the first EP by one of the best finnish HC bands ever. Bastards released two great LP´s after this EP in 1983 and 1984. The first LP came out on Propaganda records and the second (Siberian Hardcore) on Rock-O-Rama. Both LP´s are re-released on Höhnie and Assel-Records from Germany. Assel-Records also released a LP with the first demo recordings from 1982. The old Bastards singer Lahti (Dr. Aldi) hits the bass-guitar in Kohu-63 today. Nothing more to say …


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Maho Neitsyt

Maho Neitsyt (self-released, MAHO 01) 1981


Maho neitsyt’s very first single. Maho neitsyt was formed in Kouvola, Finland 1979. They released six 7 inchers during 1981 – 1991 although they have been playing gigs until recently. They appear also in various compilations. One of the Finlands toughest legends.

Probably 300 copies made.

For more specific line-ups etc. see bands homepages.

Mita on Punk


Maho Neitsyt (self-released, MAHO 02) 1983


And here’s second 7″ from Maho neitsyt, this time one-sided record. These records were packed in Finlands National Liquor Stores (ALKO) paper bags.

Tehdaskaupungin Lapset
Joudunkohan Ma Helvettiin
Ja Vitun Paskat


Maho Neitsyt – Vitustakos näistä tietää? (Dekadenz FUCK 1) 1985


Third 7″ in Maho neitsyt series. This time publisher is quite well known Dekadenz -label , which also was a clothes store until late nineties.

My copy of this record has signature of bass player Örkky, who also played with Kansan uutiset. Good bad I don’t care, music is brilliant. Pressing was as much as 1000 copies! So don’t spent ridiculous amounts of money for this.


Ydinaseeton Hautausmaa
Punk Punk Punk
Sekunda Jo Elaessaan
Ei Tippa Tapa


Maho Neitsyt – JNE… (Boring Records, NO POLICY 1) 1989


Fourth 7″ is Maho neitsyt – JNE…


Jeesus Vihaa Sinua
Suomi Orgasmin Partaalla

And as a bonus, here is a track from “10 vuotta myöhemmin” -compilation 7″

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kaaos cover
*Yellow sleeve = first pressing

kaaos cover
*Black and white sleeve = second pressing

KAAOS – Totaalinen Kaaos (Propaganda Records) ’82

Total CLASSIC finnish raw noise here. KAAOS was one of the most well known/ beloved bands from Finland and this is their first 7″ (after the split w/CADGERS). They put out a TON of great records up until about 2002 and had bout 2002 line-up changes over the years with Jakke being the only original/consistent member. This was recently re-released on German label HONIE (along with a bunch of other absolutely essential Finnish records) and it included not only this 7″ but comp tracks from the “Systeemi ei toimi” 7″ and the “Russia bombs finland” comp lp on Propaganda. Most of their records have stayed in print or been reissued. If you dig this 7″, check out the rest of their Great records. HERE is their official website with tons of info.

kaaos insert

Natsit ja kommunistit
Ootsa valmi kuolemaan
Ei enaa koskaan
Hyvinvoinnin toinen puoli

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