Deutsche Trinkerjugend

Deutsche Trinkerjugend – Scheißegal EP (Love & Pils 1, 1984)

Songs about alcohol und beer-drinking: this is the Deutsche Trinkerjugend (DTJ) from West-Berlin, Germany.
This EP is one of the few records they made. Their only political song “Alkoholsteuer” (deals with the alcohol tax) isn’t on this EP, but I addes some more songs from the “20 schäumende Stimmungshits” Sampler and “Keine Experimente” Sampler, including this song.
Besides this records they made a Split-Tape with “Die Suurbiers”, which contains some rare live-records.
My favourite song of the DTJ: Kindl-Träume.

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Die schwarze Else

Billy the Kid

Sampler songs:

Die Germanen

Knecht Ruprecht
Die große Überfahrt
Das schäumende Bier

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sk schwarz rot gold front

Schleim-Keim – Schwarz Rot Gold – Nie gewollt EP (Nasty Vinyl 04 / Höhnie Records 03 – 1992)

The first EP of the east-german punkband Schleim-Keim from Stotternheim/Erfurt. It was released in 1992 but the records are form 1988.
In 1883 they released as the first east-german punkband a record in West-Germany under the name “SauKerle”- a Split LP with “Zwitschermaschine” (experimental music) – called “DDR von Unten” (GDR from the bottom). Otherwise they released some songs on east-german tape samplers.
After the Fall of the Wall they could release offical records, among other things the “Nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren” LP’s.
The band broke up in 1996.

For more Informations check these links:
KFTH (english)
PunkSeiDank (german – lot of pictures and coverscanes, songtexts etc.)

Frage der Zeit
Der Mensch ist kein Tier

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marplotz front cover

marplotz back cover

Marplotz – Bombenterror EP (Pogar 11, 1985)

This EP of the german band Marplotz from Flensburg was released 1985 in a pressing of 900 exemplars.
The label pogar is known for releases of Vorkriegsjugend, Vellocet, Malinheads and Disaster Area.

Sry for my stupid english ;)

Neue Welt
Keine Ahnung

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EA80 – Der Mord fällt aus (self-released 1982)

First of all…I dont want to “decorate myself with someone elses feathers” (clumsy translation of a german saying…)…I got these tracks on Cd-Rom from a friend…sleeve scans are from there:
These `five songs´ is the first ep by EA80 from Mönchengladbach,a band that started in the late seventies and is still active today.They never signed to any record labels-at least concerning regular releases (the did contribute to several compilations).
Not sounding very spectacular,this ep was the beginning of a career that should put out a lot of albums of much higher musical quality,still keeping the style and allways featuring lyrics that were far beyond the typical “Deutschpunk” cliche´.As far as I know they never liked beeing interviewed or having photos of them released – nevertheless there´s quite a collection of fanzine articles on (sorry…german language only…)
If it´s ok to post ep´s one doesn´t actually own him/herself I really would like to see this appearing on this site…
As a bonus there is “Einleben” from the EA80 vs.Klotz single or the EA80 CD “Punk”…

Der Mord Faellt Aus
Der Vamp


Einleben/Settle in(or…OneLife?)
Don´t know much ´bout the things in this world
got an idea but don´t know if it fits
A stupid little world view made of 4-colour sheets,headlines and things your hear
labirynths of theories and too great words and finally even god that enlightens the dark
all those tiny lies and inconsistencies better taken with care and after all self-made deformed
Don´t know much ´bout the problems in this world
got my doubts but still don´t know what´s right
Maybe someday I`ll do research,travel to foreign countries
to get impressions that no one would take from me that soon
But supposably i`m gonna leave it to the little worries of mine
that often are trivial…but yet deadly…

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Scapegoats – Kopflos 7″ (Dissonance Rec 01) 1985

Scapegoats from Klausdorf, Germany. I don’t know correctly which Klausdorf, because there a five towns named “Klausdorf” in Germany. Who cares?
As far as I know it’s their first and last released EP and it was also released in Japan.
Cover of the japanese version you can find here and here.
The EP comes with five songs. All fast and aggressive, influenced by earlier UK bands I think.

Die Welt (The World)
Du selbst (yourself)
Gestapo-Staat (Gestapo state)
Kopflos (headless)
Wenn die Bombe fällt (When the bomb drops)

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Dunkle Tage


Dunkle Tage – Dunkle Tage (self released) 1986

As usual I can´t tell much about this band,exept that they were from Göttingen and that the first edition of this ep was self released.Even in the days when certain German fanzines tried to discredit “Punk” and make “Hardcore” kind of a religion (the word “hardcore” not meant as a description of a sound but a way of life…otherwise of course this has to be considered hardcore) -this ep was accepted by the scene majority…
This 7 contains five very agressive and hateful tracks that come with an honest aproach…
Recordings taken from a mix-tape I got from a friend of mine “back in the days”…cover scans from the web….


Dunkle Tage
Custer Died For Our Sins

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Power Of Youth


POYback POYback POYback

Power Of youth – Dreams turned to nightmares (self-released 1988)

Power of Youth from Ibbenbüren/Germany demonstrate a trend that was widespread in Germany during the ending eighties:the attempt to move away from old school hardcore to more complexly structured songs (with metal influences here and there…)and away from German native-language lyrics to english songs.
This one is quite energetic and has some of an ambitious feeling to it.
The abrupt ending of the title track was not caused by me…it ended this way on the ep (due to playtime limits,i guess…)

Prison Life
Nix kapiert
Dreams Turned To Nightmares
Holy Order
Your End

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Der Fluch


Der Fluch – Die Gesandten des Grauens (Rock O Rama 1982)

Der Fluch was a side project of Oberste Heeresleitung(OHL) vocalist “Deutscher W”…

offering simple rockabilly-eske songs combined with silly “horror” lyrics this stuff is considered “cult” by some…and complete bullshit by others…decide yourself…
this product has been released as a 12inch “mini lp”…given the fact that this ep has a total running time of less than eight minutes,it ilustrates the exploitative mentality of Rock O Rama boss Herbert Egold who blew this up to 12inch just to make it look more (and let you pay more…)


Die Gesandten Des Grauens
Hexen Sind Schn
Unser Glaube
Rache Der Verachteten

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