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DISPER-AZIONE- Semmpre immutata fede (Chaos produzioni #2) 1984

Another unknown GEM from the Italian hardcore scene. I really don’t know alot about these guys so I’ll just give you the facts.

From Como, Italy, DISPER-AZIONE (desperation) released this 7″ and 2 lps before they split in 1988. CHAOS Produzioni records (who released this 7″ and their first lp) also released classic records by WRETCHED, IMPACT and STINKY RATS. Their second lp was released by the infamous T.V.O.R. fanzine/record label. They were also featured on a couple of compilations, the live “Assillo Politico” cassette and the “Sutura Eterna” lp. Besides this 7″, I’ve only heard the tracks from the “Assillio Politico” cassette comp and a few songs from their 2nd lp, which is quite a bit more “tame” than the early stuff. A cool band I wish I knew more about.

If anyone has more info on these guys, it would surely be appreciated.


The above photos of DISPER-AZIONE were taken from T.V.O.R. fanzine #3, May 1983

Solo sangue
Anime morte
La mia vita
Pensaci bene

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R.E.I.G. – Disarm 7″ (Reig Commando, PA 17 565) 1982

Great hardcore punk from Macerta in Italia . REIG stands for “Rivendicatori Esili Industrie Giovanili”. Apart from this 7″, their only other vinyl appearance are 2 songs on the “Raptus 2″ comp. LP released on the infamous Meccano Rds. It’s a shame they didn’t released other record cause they sound very good here, just the good mix between early UK and US HC. Otherwise I don’t think the guys went into other bands, but if I’m wrong please share any infos about this great unknown band.

Violent Change

Well at the last moment i decided to add the Raptus tracks, as 2 songs is so little for such a band, so here there are, from 1985 (but probably recorded before) :
State Refuse
Fucking System

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Fallout – S/T EP (self-released) ’83

A great HC/Punk reocrd from Genova, Italy. This EP was self released in 1983. I found this one on a square-market 13 years ago and I have never seen another copy. There is a hand-written 65/300 on the back of the sleeve. 300 copies? 300 copies with a fold-out-poster-cover (like my one)? I don´t know! Enjoy the noize!!!

Reagan Hysteria
Religious Carnage
Criminal World
Punx United
Sick City
Work Instigators

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Here’s the split 7″ by SHOCKIN TV and TIRATURA LIMITATATA from 1983.
Both bands are from ITALY. SHOCKIN TV side has 9 tracks very well played, it’s one of the best early italian hc band in my opinion (Forget their 7″ from 1987, it’s not punk) while TIRATURA LIMITATA played a nice PUNK / OI / SKA tracks.
Of course, my fave is SHOCKIN TV especially with songs like “Spazi di potere”, “Kill by sex” or “Vivisezione”. This split 7″ rules !!! A classic…
Please, if you have more recording (Only from the early 80’s) by SHOCKIN TV, get in touch.

Solo parole
Sorrisi al napalm
Spazi di potere
Media – opppressione
Errori viventi
Kill for sex


Distruggiamo il nucleare

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BEDBOYS – L’indifferenza uccide… 7″ (self release) ’85

Wild hardcore from ITALY, this 7″ from 1985 by BEDBOYS is still obscure… Their music is great in the veins of italian bands from this times… This band had their own violent sound giving a special touch when you listen to it… Some tracks are very fast while others are mid tempo… I need more, demos, rehearsals and lives by this band, if you can help, please, get in touch : http://membres.lycos.fr/ultrahc/

Ser un giorno accadesse
Potere fottuto
Costretti a subire
Pace non vuol dire solo niente guerra
Violenza no
Distruggi il potere
Vivere non sopravvivere

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cr front

CHAIN REACTION-Gabbie ep (Belfagor) 1985

Great band from Bari, Italy. All the trademarks for Italian h.c. exsist here- crazed shouting and screaming from the singer, barely in control drumming and guitar player(s) who think their fretboard heroics are boss.

Not alot is known about this band and I believe this is their only recorded output. Too bad, cuz they are one of many GREAT hardcore band to come from the boot in the early 80’s

Belfagor records also released CLASSIC records from C.C.M., DECLINO, I REFUSE IT and PUTRID FEVER. For a great site dedicated to early Italian hardcore check HERE.


Bloody ways
No way out
Your bloody war
Personal autodistruzione

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WRETCHED – In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E` Stato Fatto EP (Autoproduzione) ’83

1st EP by this classic Italian thrash unit. Very interesting production that sounds like they recorded each track at a different time. Still, this record totally burns something fierce. I don’t know for sure how many were pressed originally, but I heard it was a reasonable amount (over 1000 possibly). Export copies came with the lyrics and statements translated into English.

La Logica del Potere
Spero Venga la Guerra
Muori Per la Patria Muori per Niente
Solo Guerra
Nessun Diritto
Ti Obbligano ad Obbedire
Non Posso Sopportare

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NABAT-Scenderemo Nelle Strade (C.A.S.) ’82

Another band that I ignored when I first heard them on BCTapes “ahhh….Italian punk !! cassette compilation. I recently re-discovered them and although all of their material is strong, this 7″, the tracks on the above mentioned comp and those from the “SKINS E PUNKS= T.N.T. 7″ compilation are my favorite

From Bologna, NABAT was one of Italys earliest and most beloved oi bands. Forming in 1979, they went on to have quite a few releases including this, their first ep. Most of their records came out on their own C.A.S. label as well as the infamous “skins e punks=t.n.t. compilation ep.

They stayed together on an off until the late 90’s before finally calling it quits for good. For an excellent history/discography, check out this site .

scenderemo nelle strade
senza soldi senza casa
asociale oi !
shock delle case

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ROUGH-S/T ep (Meccano) ’82

I was first introduced Torino, Italys ROUGH by way of maximum rock and roll radio in the mid 80’s. Then, I got a copy of the “ahhh….Italian punk!!” cassette on BCTapes not long after, which they also appeared on. Both times hearing them didn’t really pique my interest as I was SO into “hardcore” and blazing fast music. Those things, coupled with the fact that their music was kinda “OI” and the band were supposedly skinheads (not really popular with the kids) made me completely write them off.

Fast forward to the 90’s and I’m trading records with guy in Italy. In the trade, I begrudgingly recieve the ROUGH 7″ after being assured “it’s really good” and “give it another shot” even though I’ve explained my hardships with the band to my Italian “friend”. When it arrives (with 5 other 7″s), I file it away and forget about it once again.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m reading an Italian hardcore “history” article in maximum rcok and roll (written by Stuart “the professor” Schrader, no less) and he mentions the greatness of the ROUGH 7″. At this point, I’m thinking I’m either dumb or deaf over this record. I dust it off, give it a listen and whatta ya know….. It is a truly GREAT record. Burly, mid-tempo songs that remind me of the 1st. DISCHARGE ep and HELLHAMMER (yes, the 80’s metal band) make this one an absolute CRUSHER of a 7″.

I don’t really know much about these guys except the above mentioned appearance on the BCT comp and a few other comps. As usual, any info would be welcome.

Torino e la mia citta
No mai
Riot in the streets
Abuse of power

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SKINS E PUNKS = T.N.T. (C.A.S.) ’83

Then, we begin to frame the things from the historical point of view: this wonderful sonorous gadget, promoted and produced from the Flock Bells (that is, in practical, from the Nabat), wanted to be the first testimony on 7″of the attempt to join two truth of road for many analogous backs, but that not always in the age they succeeded to coexist in the same furious and worthy place without to give place to risse of the best spaghetti-westerns, as of the rest many veterans of 80 years ‘ anchor remember (see also Percy of the Bloody Riot in its gustosa autobiography). Today, clearly, the times are change to you. Or not? ~From Lamette.it, a cool Italian bloghere

Released in 1983 on C.A.S. records, this was an attempt by the labels founders NABAT, to show unity in the growing unrest between punks and skins. Punks being represented on this record by ARRM and RAPPRESAGLA and the skins by NABAT and DIOXINA .

The same time showed Nabat as the protagonists ( if not the promoters ) of the first and second national rallies of Monza and Bologna which got very good recensements by the independent italian music press. These rallies ( where Punk and Skinhead bands played at ) aim was the overcoming of the dividing differences of both movements: „ SKIN E PUNK SARANNO UNITI GLI OBBIETTIVI SONO COMUNI QUESTI FOTTUTI PERBENISTI ” (translated: skins and punks will be united ,the objectives are common for these fucking people who want to appear respectable) was what Nabat was singing about and one cannot but agree. ~From the NABAT page here

Whatever the politics or reasons this record was released, the most important fact is IT’S A RAGER!!. Save for the second ARRM track and the tame DIOXINA tracks, this is some of the BEST material that the other bands ever put out. ARRM’s first song is a great but, the second “neo reggae” song, not so much. The RAPPRESAGLIA songs destroy (from their 8 song,1982 demo) and is also their strongest material, if you like blazing, pissed off hardcore. The NABAT songs burn with anger and frustration and are probably the fastest songs they ever released. The DIOXINA songs are a bit tame compared to their later record but are still raw and good.

There was also another comp LP put out by C.A.S. in 1985 called ” Quelli Che Urlano Ancora” with some of the same bands (nabat and dioxina) and some additional oi stuff but, nowhere near as essential as this 7″.

I’m not sure but, I think this has been bootlegged a couple time and there is also an LP version (re-release or boot????) with extra tracks,that has come out recently.

SKINS E PUNKS = T.N.T. comp ep

ARRM – combatti per la tua pace
ARRM – tu
NABAT – skin e punk/generazione 82
RAPPRESAGLIA – disperazione
DIOXINA – siamo noi
DIOXINA – a franz

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