Confuse- Contempt for Authority and take off the lie

Confuse- Contempt for Authority and Take off the Lie

“1985 saw Confuse record another 7″ EP of material and the sound here is much cleaner and sharper than any other releases – dare I say poppy? Contempt for the Authority and Take off the Lie is catchy and bouncy as hell and almost unrecognizable from the last record. I suspect the influence of the Swankys’ switch to their more ’77 sound from Gai’s full out Disorder noise attack was partially to blame for this. This is still a really good record by the way!” – Kill from the heart web page

Fuckin Lovers
Abuse of the State Power
Fight against the Plutocrats
All thing change into fashion (media)

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Laughin’ Nose

get the glory

Laughin’ Nose – Get the Glory (AA Records 01) 1983

This 7″ is from 1983 and was released on AA records. This was the last release (I believe) from their noisey hardcore period. After this they turned into a semi-decent pop punkish band. I do not know much information about them, but they started in 1982 and played up until the late 80s and then in 1994 they got back together and are still playing today.

Get The Glory
Death Trap
Russian Roulette
No War
how to kill

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Chaos Ch

Just Say No front

Chaos Ch- Just Say No! (Overthrow Records) 1995

Chaos Ch., also known as Chaos Channel, formed in the early 90’s in Nagoya Japan. So far, Chaos Ch has released a split demo with Addiction, a track on the Damn the Control comp and, including this 7″, two eps. The “Serve Your Right” ep is their first 7″ and this is their second. I think they also released a live demo called “Noise Hero”. In 1997 the band split up, but recently in 2005 they got back together. It sounds like they are releasing an lp called “How you’d never been so high, (but then, you’d never needed to be?)”, at least according to their myspace, and a split (I think its with Dead Noise). The only other information I have is that there is a pre-Chaos Ch band called the Donkeys, although i don’t know what they sound like…i think they only put out one demo.

Here is their myspace: Myspace
and a live video of them: youtube

Just say no live
ABC i love punk
Destroy freedom n chaos
Shit society good for rubbish box
Boycott the suck history

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Z – Violence Action 7″ Flexi (Z Records – 002) 1986(?)

Well you probably guessed it, here’s another noizy plastic sheet, coming from Toyama exactly (center of Japan).
Not a lot is known about Z, apart from that flexi they had one tape and a few tracks on some comp.
Noisely it sounds like it was recorded above the stairs of some basement, so not very good quality.
Songs seems to deal with the usual subjects of the genre, death, war, etc… all this insanity is on a one-sided red flexi by the way.
I’m not sure about the year of release, but 86 seems to be the most mentioned amongst japanese webpages.

Violence Action
Go To Kill
Go Ahead
Peace Of Hiroshima

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ROSE ROSE – From Born Till Die…. 8″ Flexi (Line-records 002) 1985

Lets get out of random unknown obscurities. This is 1st Rose Rose record, one-sided flexi which sounds quite different from what they did after, their next record, the Emotional Disturbance 12″, was way more on the metal side than punk, then they went on a more USHC direction until going complitely thrash metal in the early 90’s (The band still exist nowadays). Needless to say this is my favorite records by them, this is the only one they did as a 4-piece, as female bassist Arisa was a guest on this record. I don’t know much about Line Records, i don’t think it was the band’s own label, they also released the Live flexi of PCG, and New Walls a female fronted punk band i never heard. I don’t know which is Line-001, anyone knows ?

Stop laugh
Breed for you
Over midnight
Put out emotion

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Tranquilizer – 1st 7″ flexi (Tranquilizer Record-001/PLM-037) c1985

Japanese monster coming from Hokkaido. As usual not a lot is known about those loonies.
This one is quite hard to describe, seems that old Hokkaido bands had a very particular sound, i’d say even more wild than most Kyushyu noise bands. Could be easily compared to Gudon or Coward flexis, indescribable voice on totally noisy instruments… They released a second flexi in 86, but doesn’t reach the insanity of this one, just average japanese punk-core.

Never go to war
Tosatsu jou (tairyou gyakusatsu)
Bomb (bakudan touka meirei)
Don’t do
Medusa (majo no kyoufu)
Vietnum (kyokuchisen)

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There’s never been a shortage of great music to come outta Japan. From the late 70’s, right up to today, the concentration of absolutely essential records is mindblowing………. ZONE were no exception.

Formed in 1992, these guy paid homage to pioneering Japanese bands that came before them such as DEASTH SIDE and NIGHTMARE, playing absolutely bulldozing J-core. ZONES first apperance was on the “fight back” vol. 1 world h.c. compilation in 1993. Next up was the above, “win back to sanity” ep in 1994 followed by a few more comp apperances on the “six weeks omnibus” 8″, the “no fate ” vol.2 cd and the “trancendecy” 3×7″ between 1994 and 1996. The “first blow is half the battle 7″ was then released in 1997 and then it seemed the band fell off the face of the earth. Nothing was heard from them again until 2001 when they showed up on yet another comp called “one shot- one kill” In 2003 they finally released their long awaited first lp titled “squeezed state”.

These two 7″ , along with all the comp tracks, kill !!!! The lp ( which was also released in the u.s. in 2004) finds the band slowing down a bit and mining their UK 82 roots a little more, but is definately worth checking out. I’ve heard talk of there being a discography cd of all the 7″ and comp material released someday, but who knows???

zone win sleeve
ZONE-Win back to sanity e.p. (HGFact 025) 1994

Find out
Short hope
Win back to sanity

zone first sleeve
ZONE-The first blow is half the battle e.p. (HGFact 068) 1996

Title in Japanese
Under steam

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The 4th International

The 4th International – Nichijou Sei No Hakai Wa Wareware No Gensou 8″ flexi (Naptnr Records) 1983

Put out in 1983 by their own label. I believe this flexi is called “Nichijou Sei No Hakai Wa Wareware No Gensou”, but I could be wrong, so please correct me, if thats the case. Extremely sloppy hardcore punk with a strong RED message. Pretty rare to see a japanese band play this type of music. Sorry about the missing tracknames. I even tried to google them, but without any luck, so please help me out, so I can change it.

Japanese Title
Japanese Title
Money Shock
Japanese Title
Japanese Title
A Type
B Type
C Type
What Is Right?

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Screaming Noise

Screaming Noise – Noise and Masturbation (Anarchy Centre) 1997

This is one of my all time favorite 7″s, although I know little or nothing about the band. This is screaming noise’s second 7″ and it was released in 1997 on the anarchy centre label, which is run by a confuse member if I’m not mistaken. Aside from this record, they had one other 7″ and a few comp tracks. This is for fans of Disorder, Gai, Confuse, Chaos Channel and Dust Noise. If anyone has any information about them, I’d love to hear it!

Tuneless Ok!
You all fuck off!
Sign says bitch
Boring Talk
Gimmick Star

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N split sleeveCS split sleeve

NIGHTMARE/CONCRETE SOX-Split e.p. (MCR 049) 1993

Released to coincide with a CONCRETE SOX Japanese tour, what matters most about this record is the absolutely raging NIGHTMARE tracks. Anyone that’s been around this site for any length of time knows my affinity for rampaging J-core, and NIGHTMARE are at the top of the love-fest. Existing a bit later than most of the “classic” Japanese band, these guys had the perfect mix early J-core, speed, and a touch of ….ahem -“metal”. They released a great 7″ (posted HERE), some tracks on the “Eye of the Thrash Guerilla” compilation and an lp before this record, and had a couple 7″ after. Original drummer Osamoon died in the early 90’s and they took a break for awhile. They started up again in late 90’s and have been going strong ever since, with a new 7″ released in 2006 that’s pretty damn good.

Ummmm…… the CONCRETE SOX side of the record is alright, at best. These guys were pretty boring in their later years and nothing really compares to the outta control, early recordings with John March (future HERESY singer) playing drums. Not the worst stuff I’ve heard from them, but this is a 1-sided record as far as I’m concerned. Check out the” Your turn next” lp or the track from “anglican scrape attic” compilation to hear the primo C.Sox material.

Concrete Sox – City slave
Concrete Sox – Extremely hardcore

Nightmare – Annihilation
Nightmare – Find your way
Nightmare – Tragedy

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