this has all been said before here, but now you get little fucks coming through our site stealing our scans and now over at punktracker they even publish our reviews word for word. This is total bullshit on my end cause now I have to support this little shit site with their torrents and written content….! I know these fucks couldnt give two shits but if this keeps happening this site will go full private, its just to much for me to put all my spare time into updating a site and having a little snot nose fuck come steal it all for his gain in the torrent world. Thats my 2cents for the day!


Seven Inches: A Good Size

Seven Inches: A Good Size

Once again, Google answers your insoluble questions: “punk is dead” gets 106,000 hits; “punk’s not dead” gets 235,000. Aren’t you glad that’s settled? While punk’s flaccid frame clings to life in its hospital bed, 7inchpunk.com is happily looting the contents of the squat and giving them away. There’s not much information about the site’s creators, but there are enough MP3s and lovingly scanned photos of the original sleeves to satiate a devoted collector. Paying absurd prices for, say, The Victims’ “Television Addict/ Flipped Out Over You,” two scorching blasts of Australian first-wave nastiness, is very un-punk (though apparently someone did, since one copy apparently sold on eBay for US$196). Hooray for avoiding punk microgenre snobbery, putting Patriots’ obscure early ’80s DC hardcore next to San Francisco’s Ramones-y VKTMS. Add a few vicious spats in the comment boxes, and the only thing missing from the real-life record-store experience is the smell of mould. (www.7inchpunk.com)

Taken from Eye – February 9, 2006


a form of flattery, or…

Just saw today that someone has registered the domain for 7inchpunk dot net. At first I thought it was going to be some kind of a rip off site of this one…no appears not. Then I thought could it be an all banner ad site…are we getting enough vistors to demand such an honor…appears so….yes advertising seems to be the motive behind this domain. So the question still lies…’form of flattery or just plain rude?


Forum open…

…we opened a forum to discuss everything from fav. 7inch to requests from other users.
Check it out using the sidebar menu to your left or click here.


punk concert riot

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) – Rioting broke out Saturday night at British punk band concert, injuring several people and destroying two police cars, officials said. Some in the crowd of about 1,500 at the “British Invasion 2K6″ show pelted police with rocks and bottles, forcing the officers to withdraw, police spokesman Sgt. Rick Lindsey said. Two concertgoers were hospitalized with serious injuries, and two officers suffered minor injuries, he said. The rioting began when police responded to a report of a stabbing at the National Orange Show Events Center concert. When officers arrived, the crowd became agitated and several fights broke out, forcing the officers to back off, Lindsey said. After backup arrived, the officers went in again and extracted the stabbing victim and another person who was beaten, Lindsey said. But the violent crowd forced officers to withdraw again. With additional backup, including Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and Fontana police, officers lined up in phalanx formation to clear the streets and they fired pepper balls and tear gas to move the crowd, Lindsey said. As the crowd dispersed they destroyed two police cars and vandalized area businesses, Lindsey said. A trash bin was set on fire and storefront windows were smashed. The all-day concert was scheduled to feature 22 punk rock bands, including G.B.H. and the Adicts.


Touch and Go vaults are opening…

Joe Darling has just informed 7inchpunk.com On March 21, the vaults are opening at Touch and Go Records and they’ll be releasing a retrospective by one of Touch and Go’s earliest artists, Blight (Tesco Vee, Meatmen, The Fix). The forthcoming album titled “Detroit: The Dream Is Dead — The Collected Works of a Midwest Hardcore Noise Band 1982″ will be a celebration of our inaugural release in our 25th year of activity.
Formed in 1982 in Lansing, Michigan, Blight was created in the wake of another great band’s demise – The Fix, one of the earliest bands of the Midwest hardcore scene. Two of its members, Steve Miller (guitar) and Mike Achtenberg (bass) met head on with Tesco Vee — lead throat and ringleader of the legendary Meatmen. With the addition of Pat Clark on drums, the band was complete, and ready to dive headlong into its short and fiery existence.
Release Date: March 21, 2006
Check out the ad here.


Just a note on the posting…

Its great to see all the people who are showing support and uploading singles to this site. The one problem we would like to avoid is uploading singles that are the CD re-releases. We would like to keep this site as pure as possible and would like to only see real vinyl rips of the original pressing when all possible. We also would like to see more early stuff posted, the new stuff is great but some still might be in circulation by the band and we dont want to step on anyones toes. We would like to keep the site more dedicated to the stuff thats been out of print and most likely will NEVER be re-released again for us all to enjoy. Do NOT take this as the golden rule here, we still like all the stuff posted, but please try to keep the above in mind when posting.

Thank You