Killed By 7 inch

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Killed By 7 Inch (redrum records)

here we have the first five seven inchers put out by redrum records, good series of old kbd bands. two of the best tracks in this bunch Plain Wrap – Punk Rock and Ticks – TV’s On. each one has its own story…take a listen and write your own…


Killed By 7 inch #1
(USA) plain wrap – punk rock
(Sweden) mass media – das jazz
(USA) naked lady wrestlers – accidents
(UK) intestines – anyway

Killed By 7 inch #2
(USA) ticks – tvs on
(USA) enemy – want me
(USA) essentials – i dont get it
(USA) gregor mckenzie & the misanthropes- contact overdose

Killed By 7 inch #3
(Canada) 222 – the first studio bomb
(UK) sods – no pictures
(USA) subverts – cant control myself
(USA) handgrenades – coma dos

Killed By 7 inch #4
(UK) dangerous girls – i dont want to eat
(Yugoslavia) elektricni orgazam – konobar
(Italy) gaznevada – blue tv set
(USA) wards – greens

Killed By 7 inch #5
(USA) breakouts – trouble
(UK) cigarettes – frivolous disguises
(USA) geza x – i hate punks
(Yugoslavia) idoli – plastika



mad virgins sleeve

mad virgins b sleeve

MAD VIRGINS – I am a Computer/Fuck & Suck (Romantik records 4) 1978

Great punk rock isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Belgium (actually, BEER is…. especially the rare kind brewed by trappist monks !!!) but,1978 in Belgium was certainly a good year for the fledgling musical movement known as “punk rock”. In that year, classic records were released by bands such as THE KIDS, HUBBLE BUBBLE, RAXOLA and to a lesser extent P.I.G.Z., CELL 609 and these maniacs, the MAD VIRGINS.

Most of the bands mentioned above were highly influenced by typical, early rock-n-roll (not many “punk “influences at the time) and their songwriting and records show it. Nothing wrong with that at all, as most punk bands (no matter where in the world) started this way. Hell, Raxola were already a signed rock band when punk broke. Then theres the MAD VIRGINS…………………………..

I’m not sure where in Belgium these guys came from (or even if it was from this planet, for that matter) but there is nothing “typical” about the way this record sounds. Call it amateur coincidence or deliberate genius, I guarantee almost nothing that came out in 1978 (especially in Belgium) can touch the sheer wallop this piece of wax delivers in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Nowadays, when the pioneers of punks give a history lesson about their own bands, it usually starts off with something like- “We heard________ and decided to pick up instruments and start our own band, how hard could it be to play punk??” Great story, but when is the last time the first releases/records by those same bands sounded like they started playing a month before??. Not usually, as most sound like old pros. Mad Virgins may just live up to that story (if it IS their story) cuz their musical ability on this record sounds about 3 weeks old. Whatever the case, you can’t deny how goddamn CAUSTIC this record is. Twin guitarist, whose sound lies somewhere between Link Wray (who poked holes in his speakers for pre-electronics FUZZ in the 50’s) and a swarm of hungry locusts. A drummer whose “ahem”- style, sounds closer to two seperate cardboard boxes filled with drum parts (one w/cybals-one w/drums), falling down a couple flights of concrete stairs. A bass player who, masterfully keeps the songs moving from start to finish and singer who alternates from John Lydon to bored to robot/computer, all usually within the same sentence, round out this glorious mess. This lone 7″ was their swansong as they eventually changed their name to MAD V and released 1 awful 7″ in 1981. Supposedly one of the guitar players went on to be succesful as a comedian in hit Belgian t.v. show. Go figure !!!!

Both songs from this 7″ have been included on various compilations such as killed by death #4 and bloodstains across Belgium 1 & 2. There was also a lp from 1978 called ” First Belgian punk contest” which featured live material from p.i.g.z., cell 609, razors and mad virgins amonst others. I’ve lovingly included the sole mad virgins song on that lp, to this post.

There are only a handful of records that trancend the “free for all/anything goes” aspect of even the earliest of documented punk, and whether accidental or not- MAD VIRGINS deserve that honor.

I am a computer
Fuck & Suck

FromV/A-First Belgian punk contest
Up and down

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Punk Rock Extreme

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Big Power Hits! – Punkrock Extreme (Philips 6388-527)

Here we have…..umm yeah ok, Here we have….umm no, is this ok? File this one under strange. I found myself actually enjoying the Sweet tune.
Written in the dead wax: “Here come the new punk rockers on the block”
Love it or hate it…

Sweet – Rebel Rouser
Ramones – I Dont Wanna Be Learned
Generation X – Invisible Man
Undertones – Rock-n-Roll / Get It On

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Here’s a 7″ demo by AS MERCENARIAS, a nice and obscure female band from BRAZIL. This 7″ was coming with first 1000 copies of their 2005 1st LP repressing (Original is from 1985) on SOUL JAZZ RECORDS. Songs are demo version. This band plays a nice and fast melodic PUNK ROCK. Very interesting to listen to…


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rejex sleeve

REJEX-Niagra Baby (DoubleThink Records dtdt3) 1980

Another (minor) CLASSIC from the land down under. From Sydney, these snotty, adolescent pukes released their only record on the THOUGHT CRIMINALS doublethink records. Releasing only 500 copies originally, this was pretty hard to find until it was re-issued by small axe records in Australia. “who wants to march” has been on a few KBD/BLOODSTAINS type comps, and for good reason. The sleeve is a bit hard to make out, but think babies and water-falls………masterful !!!!!

Niagra baby
Who wants to march

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Powerage – Protest To Survive EP (Neg.FX/Bunker Records) ’85

This band came from South Africa. I think they have released two EP´s, one in 1984 and this one in ´85. This EP is titled with “Protest To Survive” on the front-sleeve but the original name is “Stop Apartheid EP”. Neg.FX was a label from france and this is their second release. You can find more stuff from Powerage on the “Ticket To Paradise” EP compilation with Rattus, Permanent Crime, CCM, Cancerous Growth, Human Beings and TA.S.K – (Neg.FX 001).

Stop Apartheid
Death Dance
Adapt or Die

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Dê o Fora

Cólera – Dê o Fora 7″ (Hageland) ’86

Cólera was the first Brazilian punk rock band to record and also the first one to perform abroad. Formed in November, 1979, in São Paulo by brothers Edson Lopes Pozzi and Pierre (Carlos Lopes Pozzi) and friend Val (Valdemir Pinheiro, later replaced by Josué Correia, who was by his turn replaced by Fabio Bossi), the band is devoted to denouncing violence and war , exploitation and social injustice , slavery of man to machine and the urban chaos . The first recording (Grito Suburbano, 1982) was shared with other bands of the homonymous movement which supported peace and ecological concerns in punk rock. Tente Mudar O Amanhã, the first LP, was recorded in 1985. The second, Pela Paz Em Todo O Mundo (1986), became a classic of the style in Brazil, selling 80,000 copies (30,000 in the U.S. and Canada). In 1987, Cólera toured Europe performing 56 shows in 10 countries, including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and France. Some of those recordings were released as LPs.
The group continue its activities until today.

Em Setembro
Senhor Dirigente
De o Fora
Vida Desgracada

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