The Disturbed / 36 Crazy Fist

The Disturbed/36 Crazy Fist split EP 7″

The Disturbed / 36 Crazy Fist split EP 7″ (Anonymous Records Scotland) 199?

Pardon the stolen picture, but I scoured the internet and was only able to find this album’s cover on eBay. The first 3 songs in this post are only The Disturbed’s half of the split album. These first couple tracks are my favorite songs of The Disturbed’s other than “Diplomatic Immunity” which is on their “This Is… Credibility” EP; also found on this site. The last 2 songs are ones that I haven’t been able to find any information about using the almighty interweb over the years. Also, if any members of The Disturbed see this post like they had the last one, I urge other users to let it be known that they sure as hell should release any other material that hasn’t yet graced our waxy little earholes =D !

This post has been submitted upon request.

The Disturbed – 01 – All Must Suffer
The Disturbed – 02 – Jesus Freaks
The Disturbed – 03 – M.I.A.

The Disturbed – 04 – President’s Dead
The Disturbed – 05 – Ridicule

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