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frigora sleeve

FRIGORA-s/t e.p. (Fuck Fashion Town records F.F.T.006) 1995

The BEST Mob 47 record to ever come from Japan !!!!!!!

Seriously, FRIGORA were around for a couple of years and contained ex-members of the band LIBERCAO. These guys took the mob 47/Swede worship to the extreme. Band members names and song titles were in Swedish and the list of songs below aren’t given proper “Swedish” justice as I couldn’t find the UMLAT (two dots above the letter) button on my keyboard- Ha !!

This 7″ and a split 7″ with Swedens DISKONTO were the only official releases while they were active (save for a couple comp. apperances). A compilation lp of their demos and misc stuff and a live lp called “dance of the plauge bearer” were released posthumously.

HAIL SWEDEN !!!!!………. er…..I mean Japan !!!!!!

Market av ett sar
Ingen nad
For vad…?
Fanig slakt

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e.a.t.e.r. - doomday troops

E.A.T.E.R. – Doomday Troops EP (Ernst) 1983

E.A.T.E.R stands for Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels

Ernst & the Edsholm Rebels was formed the autumn of 1982 in Kil in Värmland by Gröten – gu, Pelle – dr, Brännström – b and Hasse – vo. Before the recording of the E.P “Doomsday troops” Hasse was replaced by Micke – vo, the record was recorded in Asta Kask’s studio Kloakens Alternativa Anti Studio in Töreboda and was produced by Micke Blomqvist. The record was released the spring -83 and sold in 12 countries, among them U.S.A, where Jello Biafra (from Dead Kennedys/Alternative Tentacles) was distributed it. During 83-84 they played diligent on punkfestivals in Sweden, Denmark etc. The band contributed on lots of tapes and Really Fast vol 1 and represented Sweden on the ROIR tape “ World Class Punk” from New York. A 2:nd E.P was recorded “Abort the system” -84, but never released.

In 1985 the band disbanded, Pelle and Gröten was then playing in Product Assar for a short while.

E.A.T.E.R reunited autumn -85 by Gröten – gu, Micke – vo, Snacke – b and Jerker – dr but the reunion becomes short due to Jerker’s death (R.I.P), after a while of internal problems and movings to Australia the band heading for a European tour in Holland, Germany, Belgium, and a video recording in Bielefeld & live taking that became E.A.T.E.R’s last performance, dec -86

Great Swedish classic band, in the vein of Asta Kask, but much more raw and powerful.

Enjoy it !!!

doomsday troops
anxiety attack
i rule my life OK

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Disarm – Dömd EP 1986

The second EP from Disarm. Swedish HC at it´s best. They released another EP in 1982 which is also posted on 7inchPunk. They reformed some month ago and I think you will a new release next time. Enjoy …

If you´re interested in trades get in touch with me. I have many double records from Sweden, Finland and the rest of the world. I´m interested in good, fair trades only! No ebay-punk sell out shit …


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The Bristles

The Bristles – Boys Will Be Boys EP (Rockin´ Rebels Records Sweden) ´84

This is the second EP by the Bristles from Landskrona, Sweden. After their first EP from ´83 they´re back with a new shouter. The old singer left the band after the first EP and was replacet by Puma. Many people say that the secont Bristles EP isn´t as good as their first one. I like both and it is a great swedish HC record. I have seen many copies of their “Don´t give up” EP in my life but only two of the second. They released a third EP at the end of the 80´s. They changed their name to Bristles D.C. and this one is more Punkrock. I make a upload if anybody wants to hear their later stuff. Watch out: Their great “Ban the Punk-Shops” Tape will be released on LP next time.

the last survivors
boys will be boys
never give up
1984 reality today

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Asocial – Religion Sucks EP (Dissonance) 1986

Hardcore!!! Asocial released three EP´s (Det Bittra Slutet ´84, Religion Sucks ´86, House Of Gore ´92). This one is their second EP, released by Dissonance-Records from Germany in 1986. Ultra-brutal shoutings and guitars like a chainsaw – Yes!!! You can fid some other Asocial sonx on the compilations Really Fast Vol.2, Attack is now suicide, Hardcore for the masses and Eat my brain – go insane. Forget their third EP, that´s shit!!! I will post their first EP next time!

If you´re interested in trades get in touch with me. I have many double records from Sweden, Finland and the rest of the world. I´m interested in good, fair trades only! No ebay-punk sell out shit …

How Long
Svart System
Religion Sucks
In My Eyes

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S.O.D. (Sound Of Disaster) – Speak Swedish Or Die EP Really Fast ´90/´86

This EP was released by Really Fast in 1990 but the sonx are from ´86. Another great HC record from sweden. I will post their first EP next time when I got it back from a friend.

LIVE AT ULTRA 25/12/84 LP (?)
STABILITET? EP (Hepatit D, 1997)
Lagar och forordningar Ep

REALLY FAST vol. 2 LP (Really Fast, 1985)
1984 THE SECOND 2LP (New Wave, 1985)
24 LOVE SONGS tape (Smurf Punk, 1985)

i dont want

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dr zeke

DR. ZEKE – Udda Palsar ep (Schmajlers 109) 1979

Great 7″ by (another) killer Swedish band I know nothing about. I initially heard the b-side w/female vox and completely fell in love with it’s similarities to NIKKI CORVETTE and all the other fem. fronted punk bands of the late 70’s. I expected the same on the a-side when I got this record, but to my suprise it had male vox and was better than the flip side. Driving Swede punk with the right amount of rawness , some simple/ catchy keyboard hooks and almost sing-a-long vocals make this one tight 7″. HAIL SWEDEN !!!!!

dr zeke back

Jag ska aldrig do
Vild I skogen

Posted by: SurlyOldPunk

Arronganta Agitatorer

arroganta sleeve

Arronganta Agitatorer – Arrogans ep (Dishonor Records) 1983

Hailing from Helsingborg, Sweden-Arronganta Agitatorer were a relatively short lived band, exsisting from 1982-1984. This 7″, released on their own Dishonor label in 1983 (500 copies), was the only recorded output they produced.

Not a typical sound for Swedish bands of the era, Arronganta Agitatorer were highly influenced by American hardcore, especially east coast (Boston, DC) bands. The bands love of U.S. hardcore shows on side 2 of the record with all the song titles in english (but sung unintelligably due to heavy accents). Mixing their Swedish roots with U.S. sounds made for a pretty memorable record.

This record was pretty hard to find until it was recently re-relased by Busted heads records (Sweden-r.i.p.). The re-release also featured an excellent bonus track that had never seen the light of day (which I’ve included).

Lonlost krig
Tre ton trotyl
Arbeit macht frei
Violence (is the only) solution
Cut the crap
Brainless youth

Bonus Track
Why why enola gay

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DISCARD – Death From Above EP (Rodel Records 21) ’89

Once again, I know very little about this band other than the fact that the almight AKE played guitar and they are some of the most brutal D-Beat raw punk out there. This EP was originally released on a different label other than Rodel but this sounds really good if it’s a boot. Oh well, enjoy the tracks and as always, any additional info is much appreciated.

Blistering Light
Condemned to Oppression
Death From Above
Death Race
Sound of War

Posted by: Rats and Gods

Shitlickers – Silence

Shitlickers – Silence -7”- (never released) ’82 swe

Well, here’s the rare … and , i guess, never released, cause if it was, for sure that was not made for the “public”…
Shitlickers, from Sweden, showing how raw music is made…
I choose this image cause it’s from a “bootleg” comp. well, you don’t actually have a cover for this 7” (correct me if i’m wrong!)

Enjoy this while you still listen to the Cracked Cop Skulls! eheheh

Desparate Scream from the Heat
The Night of the Holocaust
No System Works

I don’t know but they might have some other rare live or unreleased stuff, if you have, try to contact or something, this is a band that i really respect…

Posted by: brettdiy