DISARRAY s/t Flexi / ADK-16S / ’84

A total mystery to me…one of the BEST releases that the legendary ADK label ever released & it has the “classic” TAM sound/production…obviously a Tokyo area band…at least some members later appeared on the Killer BITOUSHA flexi about 1 year later…a 2nd ,self-releaesd, hard-vinyl 7″ came out in 1985 & its called “In Search Of The Miraculous”…its pretty lame in comparison to this flexi …supposedly one member eventually played in COCOBAT, and a member now plays in a band,which is still active in Japan, called DESSERT.

check out the lyrics to “Bad Blood” & you’ll realize that thoughts of rightous revenge will NEVER DIE!!

this was once bootlegged on a cd called “the order of the kite” in the early-1990’s.dont worry. this copy here is from a my personal copy & shows all the “wear” & “love” that a played out copy contains…i took great care of it & it STILL cracks & pops like mad…such is life,i guess…one of my all-time favorites!!

Social Victim
Balder Dash
Bad Blood
Cry Murder
The Place Of Horor

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B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance


B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance (Vogelspin) ’84

BALTHASAR GERARDS KOMMANDO (B.G.K.) set the standards pretty HIGH for other Europeon hardcore bands to follow. From Amsterdam, they formed from the ashes of the NITWITZ and played ultra tight and fast politically charged hardcore. They were a big part of the “network of friends” movement that included bands from all over the world. The premise of “NOF” was for bands to be the “welcoming commitee” in their respective areas, booking shows, providing a place to stay and generally taking care of foreign touring bands.

Even though eveything they put out was KILLER, this has always been my favorite release from them. I was lucky enough to see them when they toured in the US in ’84 & ’86. They were nothing short of amazing live, being faster but just as tight as the records. ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES recently released a complete discography and is worthy of owning if your not familiar with this band. For a great history/discography and several interviews, check here

Gone mad
Action man
Kids for cash
Crime pays
White male dumbinance
Bite the hand that feeds (shit)
Follow the trend

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ENOLA GAY – Putting Denmark on the Map 7″ (recorded: 1984; released: 1991 by Lost&Found)

Energetic and fast HC from Copenhagen. These songs appeared on their demo tape “Play Loud!” before L&F bootleged them onto vinyl. They never had an own vinyl release in the 80s, but took part on the compilations “Noget på Dansk” and “Cleanse the Bacteria”, and made their name mainly through cassette compilations. In 2004, Kick’n’Punch released a nice discography entitled “1982-1984″ – it also contains a lyric sheet with an interview, but I don’t speak danish, so that will be all the information I have. They also reformed sometime, but i don’t know if they are still around.

Grav et nul
Flere Bomber, Mere Magt
Destruktive Hjerner
Enola Gay
317 Nitter

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thought id share a little gift i got this past xmas…this little xmradio is so impressive, dont care much for the monthly fees but fuck it. I thought going in that the ‘punk/hardcore/ska’ station fungus53 was going to bite…fuck I was sooooo wrong. When I heard ‘Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks’ by the rotters I knew I had something here. XM needs more station like this one, although there are a few other good stations to check out now and then. If you travel alot and want to listen to some great radio I highly recommended you get one of these things you will love it!